Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5

A great morning of learning, friends!

Trev and I had a wonderful and long discussion this morning. It started out with his speculating -upon awakening- about prehistoric creatures living in our seas today, which led to the Lock Ness monster, which led to carbon dating, then the equator, then the globe and geography, then Africa, Egypt and mummies, and into evolution and mythology.
Next up was playing with the cuisenaire rods.
And Maddie's magnifying the spots inside this lid.(an hour or two later)
Guess where I found the missing (and only) garage door key?
Trev's room, of course. We're in there, up to our eyeballs, and certainly can't see where the other is.
"Mom, my legs are getting tired from all this cleaning."
"Well, then take them off and Keep Cleaning!"
"I can't take them off!"
My comment was said with a tiny hint of humor, but I gotta tell ya... When I then walked in the kitchen, and saw that Maddie had decided to pour an additional helping of grapenuts into her bowl, I wasn't a happy girl. Usually I would have taken a picture to show you the resulting disaster. But my humor (after being in Trev's room for the last 45 minutes) was pretty grim. At least a half (large) box. On her lap, under her uncovered rump (ouch), all over the table, mountain high in the bowl, and of course all over the floor. I put what wasn't stuck in the bowl back in the box (there wasn't nearly enough milk for all those grapenuts). I did my best.

I've now been on recovery - we took a five minute break from Trev's room about two hours ago. Trev's in the livingroom, Cakes is napping, and I'm here.
I spose it's time to get going, again.
Unless I can think of something else to write about.....

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