Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4

Good morning.
As I mentioned yesterday, we're headed up to the hills today.
Since it's clear today, I think we'll head up to the Uinta's - which is a high country area east of the SL valley with many, many lakes and trails.
I'm hoping for some pond life, but we'll have to see. There will still be snow in spots, and lakes that are still icy. I'd really love to see lily pads and wildflowers, but I'm trying to not have any Expectations for the day...
There is also a highway that I think we can travel on the way back that has lots of old fossils. Utah was a part of Lake Bonneville thousands of years ago, so in our hills you can find stones with shells and other little creatures in them. I'd love for Trev to be able to find one. Three years ago I found one very easily, and I'm really lousy at that sort of thing.
Trev wants to take up our field guides, and do some identifying. We have the Audubon books for trees, flowers, birds and mammals, and another on reptiles. It'll make for heavy packing but well worth it! - as long as they get used. :) Binoculars, magnifying glasses, Eric's fishing rod and gear, lunch and plenty of water should supply us well.
Hmmm. How's Eric gonna carry all that, and the baby too?
Have a great day!
I hope to!

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