Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20

Poor neglected blog.
Welp, better the blog than the children!

It's been mostly the same as it ever was. At least - the latest same as it ever was, but a few other things have come up, too.
Yesterday was NC's birthday, and so present hunting was in order. And Mama got a new Cruiser. And today a trailer for the babes to go with it. woohoo! Oh, and a new scooter for Trevy. Last one got swiped out of our driveway - the bane of living at the bottom of a big hill, I say. (I prefer not to even consider that it might have something to do with bad karma)
We want to be a family of mobiles, and Trev hasn't quite grown into/learned the way of his bike yet (5 speed, so training wheels are not an option physically), so we thought it best to get the scooter. Plus NC scoots, and what fun to have a buddy.
Art and Craft circle today at our friends home. It's officially for all hsers, but lately (the last few months) has been attended by mostly the unschoolers. Julie provided us with the opportunity to make sun prints on photo sensitive paper, and it was so cool!
Mine didn't turn out so hot.
Trev's is cool, but apparently Maddie carted it off somewhere. We are trying to locate it.
Got home from there to put the trailer's connecting hardware onto the new bike, and then off on a neighborhood bikeride.
Going again in a much more friendly environment (evening, and no longer over 95+ degrees) with Daddy in a few minutes.
Maddie's birthday!
We've sung a bunch to her, and she smiles and loves it.

Life's been super busy with a whole lot of nonsense, mostly. Too much laundry (seriously crazy laundry problems around here. Like 8 loads at any given time needing to be folded. Another 8 needing to be washed.) Trying to get the yard ready for a Sabbat celebration for Midsummer. New toys, new mojo, new ideas, contemplating dh having a vacation next week, Trev's birthday party plans, etc, etc, etc. Everything taking way longer than I think it should.

We've had flat (truck) tires, and learning to swing holding up one's own body weight, and dog training, and dead car batteries - which comes from letting the babes play in the truck, and turn on all the lights, and blinkers, etc, and accidentally leaving them on all night) and defilement (well, certainly to some anyway) of sacred spaces, and a whole lot of nothing.
Didn't I say not too long ago something about liking the details of life?
Psh. Too many details of late!
Let's get back to the basics, for a minute, shall we?

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