Friday, June 15, 2007

June 15

Today has been...full.
Of... something. (note that Mama is rolling her eyes in her own General Direction.)

In the name of "life should be interesting" Mama felt it necessary to throw some things in to the mix - what a great way to throw everyone off!, and to encourage emotional flare-ups, and upsets, and feelings of rejection, and, and and.
Go, Mom! Blech.

But somehow, in spite of the bs, we've managed to have a few peaceful and genuinely joyful moments.
Swimming in the pool with the Animal Rescue Sea Life wasn't one of them.
Playing the badminton with the water splash ball wasn't one of them.
Playing various cartoon network games on the pc was.
Cleaning was.Playing with Mr. Potato head was.We contemplated (for a few mintues) heading to Liberty Park for a free viewing of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, but Trev has now opted to stay at home and watch it - with popcorn, of course.Fine with me.
In my past/present mood, I can't guarantee that any of us would even arrive at the park with all of our important pieces intact.
So At Home it is.

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