Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1

Nothing in particular.

He won't eat 'em, he just wants to cook 'em.

Utter chaos this morning. Arms and legs flying every-which-way, dog's barkin', Maddie's growling and howling back at her, Trev's strangling Daddy, etc etc. Great morning fun!

Very cool book - has pages that are film, you slide a white "flashlight" in between the film and the dark background. Super duper cool. Looked for them online, couldn't find them. Yes, his shirt is still wrong-side-out. And backwards.
Got a pool today (recycled the old one this spring after four years). Wasn't sure if it was gonna do, as it came in a little box and I wondered at it's quality. Ah well, it was only $12, so if we need to get a regular plastic one in a couple days/weeks/months, so be it. It'll be fun for a minute. It's big enough to ride the inflatable shark in, a definite bonus! (though it's locked up in the garage at the moment - we've misplaced the key, and dh is the only one that can manage to break in.) Trev was kind enough to put on some shorts for a picture or two.
and then we had warming in the sun
and chasing butterflies, and Maddie practicing saying 'annoying', such as "Ann-belle is annoying" and "mommy's wet annoying".
Had to show Trev how to do the slipnslide. I'm not any good at it.

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