Monday, June 18, 2007

In the Nothin'

Though we've been living in the nothin' lately there seems to be a few things coming out of it.
You should see Maddie jump. She can't make much of a dent in the mat, but she loves bouncing, so she lifts her knees way up high to give her more power and bounce. Pretty funny. She's also running on it so fast that her little legs are a blur.
Trev's getting great at it, too, of course. He jumps super high, now, and does bum flops, and is trying to do back flops like Daddy does. So far, not quite, but I'm sure he'll have it down soon.
And the pool. Was pretty smart of me to get the bigger one. It's floppy, and can be irritating at times, but we love it. It's actually big enough for Trev to swim (sort of) in, and has he ever!
He starts from jumping from the tramp (sometimes from the edge, and sometimes just bounces across the tramp and then there he goes surprise!, he has launched right into the pool.
He then swims around for a few seconds, with his face under water, and swims (kicking hands and feet) to the edge of the pool. 'Course, his knees touch the bottom, but he is well on his way to being ready for swim lessons. He shouldn't have any problems at all learning to swim this year.
Yesterday we invented a couple of new games, just holding hands and jumping games.
While in the midst of these two games, Trev announced "This is the best time I've ever had in my whole life!"
Eric and I agree that he meant it, too.
There's something pretty great about hearing those words while you're not doing anything special, just hanging out, loving and playin'.
So I guess being In the Nothin' isn't so bad.

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