Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Bee

I was on the phone with my mother.
"Mom, I have to tell you something."
"Hang On. What is it, honey?"
"I got stung by a bee. It is hurting me. Can you put some medicine on it?"
"Oh, honey! I'm so sorry!"
Now he's in tears, when at first he wasn't, yet.
"What happened? Where was the bee?"
Grammy is now off the phone.
"Well, he was on the grass, and I touched it, and it stung me!"
"Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Let me go downstairs and get the medicine (lavender oil)."
I came back up, and put some lavender on his finger.
"It was very affecting. Affectable."
"I'm sure it was Very Affecting!"
Poor little Squirt.

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