Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Last night an a Really Opportune Time I remembered reading several days ago on Hestia's Homeschool for Wild Young Women that there was going to be a Nova special on about Amber.
I honestly hadn't much hope that anyone would join me, but I recollected the info at just the right time, and switched the channel.
It was indeed on at that very moment.
Ran to tell Trev.
"Hey! There's a special on tonight about Amber. They'll be exploring the where and what's of it, and I thought you might like to watch it with me."
"Yeah!" and he came running.

It wasn't exactly geared to a five year old (for a couple more weeks) little boy. Then again, Dear Friends that are Familiar with This Path, we all know that children will surprise you with their attentiveness and intensity at times.
And he did.

I was fascinated with the subject.
But I also kept thinking "Is he bored?" and looking over to see if he was ready to bolt.
Nope. Followed it right through. Through the different regions of discovery, to the microscopic studies, to the various creatures that were captured inside, including the science that made great discoveries due to those said creatures.
All the way to the end, friends.
I s'pose this post is part boast and wonder, and part reminder to myself (or anyone else) that you just never know.
Indeed, it's the very reason we just Keep It Coming.
You Just Never Know.

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