Thursday, May 17, 2007

Word Play

Maddie started saying "yeah" a few days ago.
Yesterday she started saying "yes".
"Do you want a cookie?"
"Yeah." Nonchalantly, and as if she's been saying it along with a sigh for a hundred years.

Also yesterday she discovered a new game, it's called "fill up the bucket from the sandbox with water in the bathroom sink, and then dump the water on the floor." It's a great game.
(My sincere thanks goes to whomever installed nice solid ceramic tile in my bathroom before we bought this house, and not linoleum!)

Trev doesn't use just the word "No", anymore. Not for a little over a week now.
"Bud, did you eat your supper?"
"Well, no. Not literally."
Everything goes that way.
"Do you know where Maddie is?"
"No, not literally."

Trev complained yesterday "My grammy has an unsensitive smarty-ment!" I s'pose that's his way of compaining that they don't always see eye to eye.

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