Thursday, May 03, 2007

With mouth agape....

I tell ya, my children amaze me.
Really, I'm quite astounded. And I live with them. (Meaning I shouldn't be surprised by a child's -any child's- intelligence and capacity to learn and grasp complicated matters.)

The babes climb up the bookshelves (both of them, this time -shudder) and Trev picks up one of the The Clan of the Cave Bear books. "Hey, what's this?"
Now, you may or may not know that these stories are right up Trev's alley.
Eric proceeds to tell Trev about the story's premise.
At first Trev says "That doesn't make sense!"
As Eric explains about Ayla's life, and the whole humanoid/caveman process, Trev finally comes around and says "Oooooooh, now I see! She was Human!"
Honest to God, it was a good hour's discussion.
(Yes, there's something despicious on her pants, dammit!, she was out of the bathtub a half hour! sheesh!)

Shocker #2:
Even though Trevelyn and I had an in-depth discussion about the incubator that Ari is expecting, and the process of protecting warm-blooded embryo's and all that it entails, I wasn't sure how much he was absorbing, and how much he was just tuning out... though his eyes weren't rolling back in his head!
Well, I tell ya, I found out as soon as Daddy got home.
The child went on for about five minutes -honestly- about the Science Experiment that is still residing on the kitchen table, and what we were trying to accomplish, and "But there is no hatchling, because the farmer refridgerated the egg, and it would have had to be kept warm in the incavator (incubator). But Ari is borrowing an incavator, and......." on and on.

Now dh is taking Annabelle for a w-a-l-k, and Maddie is up on the kitchen table, playing with the magnets, snacking on grilled chicken, and listening to Peter and the Wolf.

What more could a girl (me) possibly ask for?

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