Thursday, May 03, 2007

Science Fair

We're having our own Science Fair today. As usual, we hadn't planned on such a thing, but you just never know.

I was wanting to try the sugar crystal thing again, as our last attempt was a total dud, you may remember. We let it go for over a month!, and it never did anything but form into a gelatenous syrup. Hmmph.
So I thought we could try again, and Trev was game.
While downstairs searching out cotton string for said project, we saw the microscope, and thought we'd tote it upstairs. So we also grabbed the slides.

Trev wanted to look at a plastic dinosaur (no doubt wishing it were a real one, I wonder if I could ever get my hands on a real fossil? Maybe we can find some fossils this year up the canyon.), with the magnifying glass and also under the microscope.

We also looked at the real insect blocks, he has now learned to move the block around, and focus the lens until he's satisfied. Learning to hold one eye closed sure comes in handy!

I grabbed the magnets while I was down there, thought Cakes would enjoy playing with them. She always does. Today we got out the iron filings, too, so we experimented with those. It was so cool to mess with them and see the magnets look all furry or feathery. I've never played with them, I don't think.

Lastly we started a new project; we're dissolving an eggshell in vinegar. That'll be interesting, no doubt. This led to a discussion of embryos and eggs, and how some are fertilized, and some not, and the importance of some species protecting their eggs, and keeping them warm.
This he knows well, as he is most familiar with dinosaur eggs, but of course they needn't keep their nests warm.

Our friend Ari is being lent an incubator and some chicken eggs in a few weeks, and I'm hoping we can come over a couple of times to check out the whole process. (Pleeeease, Melissia?)

One other thing.... remember the triops we ordered (creatures from the triassic period)? Well, the reason I've not mentioned them again is because the water temperature has to be held at a constant 70 degrees or warmer, and our house just doesn't stay that warm. We tried putting them under a regular small lamp, but that didn't do it, either. So as soon as the weather warms up, we'll give it another go.

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