Sunday, May 20, 2007

One Fine Sunday....

In the middle of May....

Mama got to hang out with The Mama's... always a delightful time, you know....and Maddie and Trev headed with Daddy to Liberty Park.
For those of you not familiar with my town (Salt Lake) Liberty Park is a fine place! There is an aviary, a few ancient and terribly rickety carnival rides, a pond with ducks and geese and paddle boats, an area that represents our streams and canyons complete with little ditches of water in the summertime, a grand playground, an outdoor pool... lots of tall ancient trees... just about everything!
So armed with a diaper bag and lunch, my family headed off.

I was asking Trev about what he saw at the Aviary, and I asked him if he saw any bats there.
"Mommy, bats are not birds!"
Of course they're not! How silly of me.
It seems that all sorts of interesting things happened. Trev was almost eaten by a few geese.
Evidently while chasing Maddie Eric looked up to see Trev hollering, chasing, and waving his fist at a few geese.
"Hey, come 'ere, Bud, I wanna talk to you for a sec."
"But those geese were biting me!"
Evidently after he ran out of food, they decided to take it out of his hide.

He also came home and informed me that he wanted a 'Mouse exterminating Boa Constrictor'. "That'll take care of 'em, Mom! They'll just slither (with arm actions) by and catch the mouse! That'd be a Great Thing!"
"Yes, it would, I'll have to think about that."
There was a man in the park with a boa and a python, and he got to pet the python, but not the boa, which was a baby and a bit nervous.

Saw some pelicans that were trying to catch and eat thirty pound carp. "But my favorite - the funniest part! was when the carp tried to catch the little ducklings!" as he gives an outrageous cackle. "But the little ducklings were too fast!"

Saw Great Horned Owls, Burrowing Owls, pelicans, emus, eagles, a vulture, and Mallards.

Splashed in puddles.

Maddie got a stroller race with Daddy in the Seven Canyon area.

Picnic lunch.

Heard the drums and watched the hippies dance at the Drum Circle.

A Very Fine Day with Daddy!

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