Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On Your Mark. Get Set..... GO!

This one was a few minutes earlier, which I meant to include in the last post.
Uh- never mind the something despicious on her leg, we went straight-away to get cleaned up and into the bath!

The Big Race-

Trev's been planning this all day, and lured Daddy into the race when he got home.

He planned a race, which began in the back yard, to end at the finish line (the hose) in the front yard. Annabelle slowed Daddy down, not to mention was being a Destroyer in the front yard, so the track was changed to encompass only the front yard.

Trev won all the races but one, which he only lost because he stopped right at the finish line.

Daddy had the encumbrance of a n_____ baby, who thoroughly enjoyed herself, being held by a Running Daddy is one of her very favorite games!

I initially cut Annabelle out of The Winner! picture, but seeing Annabelle running past makes Trev happy, so I'm including her in this moment.

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