Wednesday, May 09, 2007

On a School Day


MathI must admit, it probably never would have ocurred to me to practice math skills with dog food on top of the swingset. None-the-less, that is exactly what was done.


Earth HistoryA new level was discovered today on this fabulous game, Dinosaur World. It's a freedownload from BBC. Great 3D adventure.

ScienceRemember our egg experiment? Here is the result. Very rubbery. And very cool.


Home Ec


  1. comment by author: I've been fretting about his post ever since I hit "publish", thinking that strangers would get the idea that I was trying to show that we cover all the subjects - and that is far from my intent.
    I was just capturing some moments that were completely and entirely the children's ideas, and putting "school" labels on them - in an attempt to show that everyday living means naturally exploring and learning.

  2. I didn't take it like that Stephanie:) Although I know you and know where your coming from, I think. I looked at it from an unschooling perspective saying "see, even though we don't sit down and cover/teach all of these "schooly" subjects, the kids do learn them just by living life!



Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!