Saturday, May 05, 2007

No one but me could Possibly find this funny,....

Maddie just now (I'm on the pc, blogging of course) must think Maxwell (our 16+ year old quite decrepit sheep-dog) must have to poo, because in imitation of Mama lifting him down the one stair that we have leading to the den and back door, she goes up behind him and tries to lift up his back legs.... "Uh.... Max! Poo, ah-side...." trying to help him to the back door, in order to "poo, ah(out)side."

Geriatric dog-training 101, I guess.

Post script: I keep meaning to write a tribute to our dear, dear, Macky-Dog while he's still with us; we don't expect him to live much longer. If I disappear, and then write "Macky died" cryptically, you'll know that I am too busy grieving. 16 is really ancient - 112 years old, especially ancient for a large dog. It's becuase he's loved so much that he's still around, I think.

Post Post Script: Way to start with a laugh, and end with a tear, Steph!
mmmmpfwah. Mama loves you, Mackey.

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