Monday, May 07, 2007

May 6

Sunday we went to our friends' home, to help her and her family celebrate her birthday. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!
There was a little something wonderful for everyone to enjoy. Margaritas for the adults, a pinata, a lovely spread of vegan and vegetarian fare, trampoline fun, conversation, and lastly - streaking babies!

In the morning while we were getting some things done around the house, and talking about going, Trevy asked about a map.
"We don't have one. Would you like one?"
"Yes, I'd like a map."
"Do you want to help me make one?"
Right before it was time to go, dh asked me if I was making the map.
Doh! I forgot. I asked Trev, and he said that absolutely he still wanted one.
So a few minutes later we set out with our loaded wagon and with map tucked safely into Trev's pocket. It got us to our destination, as we consulted it from time to time to see how far we'd come, and how much further to go. (we were going a little over a mile away.)

As I said, it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and evening.

Trev was a bit wary before heading out, as he was still holding a bit of a grudge against Xavi for the egg hunt incident, but later in the day he came to his defense when he thought he was in harm's way, and said "Hey, you can't do that to my friend!" (when nothing was amiss, really, but he was worried about him.)
Then later he informed me that he was having a great time, and he wasn't even mad at Xavi anymore.
I was much relieved, I must admit.

It was a very fun day, it's been a while since we've spent the day outdoors with friends.
Thanks for including us!

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