Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29

Goofy children.

We had narrating this morning....
Narrating and directing dinosaur movies ...And luncheon picnicking....And experimenting...("Hey Mom, I want to turn on the vacuum for.... about four minutes, okay?"
"Alright. What are you going to vacuum?"
"Ah. Well. I'm just gonna put it on my shirt, and pants, my ear. You know.")

And cleaning....At least in this picture she was aiming for a chair, and not the dirt, grass, or birdbath....

And balancing on the corners of desks....
And jumpin'...

Now one might suppose (truthfully, I did) that the vacuum suction inquiry thing might have stopped at hair and shirts.
But oh, no, friends, not so!
An hour or two passed by, and I'm sitting and softly typetype-typing away, and Trev comes over amid a thick cloud of dirt and dust, holding up the vacuum bag, and asks "Is this the power upment of the vacuum?"
I look up, then behind me, and see the vacuum is tipped over onto its side, and is in general amid a bunch of afternoon chaos.

Ah. Such is my life.
Of course you know that I'd not trade it for anything....

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