Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28

Things have been off, as you can imagine, with the death of our beloved Macky-dog.
But I'd like to get back into the groove with a couple of stories.

Earlier today Trev exclaimed out of nowhere:
"Oh, wow, Mom! By now, my nose must be really clean!"


Trev gets a bright idea that he thinks is the answer to his prayers.
"Oh (alas!), I just wish I had a servant! Mom, will you be my servant?"
You know what the Mama is thinking, don't you? Hmmph. But she only says (with much grace), "Don't I help you out when you need it?"
"Well, I was thinking of someone who would do whatever I wanted, like bring my lunch right here to me!"
I'm thinking that this is hardly a stretch, so I play along, and do my best Jeeves imitation, complete with bows of subserviance.
"Is that all, Sir?" I ask in my deep butler voice with a bow.
"For now...." the Little Prince proclaims eventually.


Daddy is trying to have a little nap. (He said five minutes, it's been over half an hour, now.)
"Trevelyn, please don't jump on the bed. I'm sleeping."
"That wasn't jumping, that was Electric Attacking!"

Other than that, the day has held marathon cereal eating and dog training. Both little ones are eager to train and reward Annabelle, who has forgotten every Good Manner she ever learned.
We're attempting to bring her into Polite Society again.

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