Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24

We've had a lively and fun day today, but this evening has brought temperance by the contemplation of death of a Beloved One (our Macky-dog), so this report may not be truly demonstrative of the day's joys.
But I'll try!

It's not so much that I suppose that everyone across this glorious green earth has not aahed over little ducklings waddling along with their Mama, but as we visited the park today, and it was an Almost Glorious Summer-like Day, I feel I must include this picture.The children ran, and chased, and played, and rolled upon these trails and hills. Great fun, indeed.

I tell ya, (in case I haven't mentioned it, lately) there is something so perfectly marvelous about hanging in the park with these particular friends. It's so easy. No worries. No need to fear. No thinking that they'll think me a bad mother, or judge me because I'm not dictating my child's every move. And trying to encourage my children to figure out their place in this world - and how to best maneuver in it.
What a relief.
I am so thankful for these remarkable women! And their delightful children, I might add!When the others were heading out, and I thought we were done, as well, Trevy came running over to inform me that "Hey, Mom! I met this boy on that slide over there, and he's going to Chuck-E-Cheese! Can we go, too?"
"Uuuuuhm, I don't wanna go to chuckecheese today, Son."
"Awe, come on, Mom, look, there are dark clouds!" I told him once, evidently, that it's best to play outdoors on a glorious day, and do indoor activities on a lousy (if rain can be called such a thing) day.
"Yes, I see them." Thought about it for a minute. Well, told him a few days ago that we'd put it on the list. And it's not like I'm gonna wake up in the mood, one day. And we are half way there.
"Alright, Son. We'll go."

Packed up and in the car, pulling out of the park.
Not nervous and excited, but very, very serious.
"What time is it?"
"Four o'clock." Exactly. Blech, south going traffic.
"Is Chuck-E-Cheese still open?"
"Yes. I don't imagine they close 'til about eight, or so."
"What time is it?"
"Two minutes after four."
"What time is it?"
"Four minutes after four." Smiling now, the boy is Deadly Serious.
"What time is it?"
"Five minutes after four."
What time is it now?"
"Seven minutes after four."
"Is Chuck-E-Cheese still open?"
"Yes, definitely." Cute boy.
"What time is it now?"
"Still seven minutes after four."
I kid you not. It went on like that until we arrived, which was I think at 4:18.
We did, eventually, get there. 'Course, in five-year-old boy time, it was about 27 years later.

Maddie was fascinated by the mechanical band, and they had a great time playing games and investigating.
I guess I can manage it once a year.

Spent for now - gotta sign off.
the cross-eyed and nodding off mama....

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  1. That's so cool that you went to Chuck E. Cheese's! I think most parents would have just said "no", or tried to talk their kid out of it somehow. Although I've been guilty myself of talking Damek out of certain things due to Kyan needing to take a nap, not sure how to handle that one? It never feels quite right to me.



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