Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23

Aaah, another fun-filled day!
Did you detect a note of sarcasm?
It probably wasn't as bad as it felt at the time, recalls the formerly exhausted Mama.
Shall I tattle?
Maddie drove me near to utter madness this morning! Oh - except that I take full responsibility for my own emotions and lack of coping skills, so instead I'll say that I didn't quite have the patience that the morning's events and the emotional little tot required.
But after spending some of that aggression on an hour's aerobic workout, I felt much better!
And she felt much better when I was able to come up with some grand ideas of how she might spend her time.

Here's what the next while held for us:

The World's Tallest Tower!
The rise and destruction of fair cities.
I think Maddie was peeking inside the little brown and white car to see what's inside.
Or maybe she was contemplating getting inside it, she seems to think she can fit into some impossible spaces.

A Day At the Races
And this Most Important Event....
...learning how to ride.
A funny tidbit: We had every intention of putting training wheels on Trev's bike, per his request. Daddy got right on it as soon as he got home from work. (Turns out that I bought a bike with gears, so the wheels won't fit, but we tried.)
I came back into the den, to tell Trev, who has been waiting for this event.
"Trev, Daddy's outside putting training wheels on your bike!"
Jumps up, "YES!!!" flicks the tv off. "Sorry, tv! Distraction's Over!"
Goofy boy.

We're finishing off our day by making our brownies, a feat that we've been trying to accomplish all day.
Ah, well, they'll be worth the wait!Here's to warm chocolately ooey-gooey right before bed!

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