Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 22

Today has been really full, already.
Or maybe it just seems like a full day because my children spent the entire morning screaming.

Evidently Maddie woke up in cleaning mode, she started off spraying everything right away (wasn't willing to wipe down after spraying, though) and then moved to vacuuming.
After vacuuming she began spraying again - I was in the kitchen and I heard her say "Come 'ere, Annbell, get clean!" and I peeked and she was chasing the dog with the squirt bottle. Alas, Annabelle was too fast to get any pictures of that!
I did keep taking the bottles away from her, but she'd just get another one (remember that these are safe, non-toxic cleaners). Then I gave her an empty one, but she figured out that it was empty in about twenty seconds, and went to get one that was full again. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but the child was soaking things down that had no business being wet. Was afraid she was gonna take out electronics and cameras and such.
(Thus the screaming began when she couldn't have the cleaners.)

We checked in on our sugar crystal formation, it's doing sort of okay, but there is more floating to the top and sinking to the bottom of the glass than adhering to the string. But we'll hang in there, I spose. Today we added coloring to make things more interesting.

After Trev tried out a few more games from the Lego site (with screams of frustration) we did a search for some racing games. I didn't find anything, and told him I needed a break from the aggravation for a while.
He came up with JumpStart First Grade, and played straight for two hours. Wants to get back on asap, so I'm just beginning today's post.-I love that cd! It has so much stuff - maps, sealife, fractions, learning time, recipe practicing, so many cool things!

(This added later)
Trev did get back on the pc for a while with his same program, then it was cartoon Network for a while.
The challenge: Only cheese on half - Maddie is has a dairy allergy.
While waiting for the pizza to be done....
And then ...

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