Monday, May 21, 2007

May 21

Trev brought up the marble set. That's always great (and aggravating) fun!Where is his head, you ask? Why, it's inside the box, of course. He's looking for more marbles.

Maddie helped me make our household cleaners. She takes after her mama - herbs, incense, essential oils, loves all of the smell good things. We love making and using our own earth-friendly cleansers!
None of us are moving very fast today. It's cloudy, and raining, and cool. Cool rain always seems to have an effect on the psyche and the temperament.

"Trev, you've recieved an email." His very first one.
"Wahoo! What is it?"
Turns out it's from his friend Damek, an interesting bit about mechanics, in the style of Rube Goldberg. That provided a few minutes of entertainment, for both of us. I'm sure he'll want to revisit.

Trev's been on the pc a lot today - after Zoom (from the email) was Lego Batman, and Lego SpoungeBob.

Trev is currently taking our friend Roger on a tour of our home (um, Roger has been here many times.) "These are the walls! And this is my sister... she is always tricking on me." They come into the den, Trev holds up his palm. "This is the den. Wanna see the rest?"
"Sure" gracious friend Roger said.
Off they go.

It's a gentle, cool, pitter pattering day outside today, and that gentleness has brought itself into our home, as well.

Life is easily flowing today, and kind.

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  1. I made cleaners yesterday too and much like Maddie I want to spray down everything- yummy.


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