Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May 2

Maddie made up a new game this morning. She's been experimenting with liquid, lately. The day before yesterday we were sitting outside, and she took a big drink of water, and discovered that she could just hold it in her mouth, without swallowing. She then opened her mouth and let it run out. The next time, she took a big drink, and then leaned way over, and spit it as far as she could. Then we laughed. It became a giggling spitting game. Was super fun.
This morning she sees that she has some left over milk, and gets down from her chair to get a rag out of the clean laundry. Takes it into the kitchen, sticks it into her cup, the wrings it out onto the floor.
At first I was like "ack!" and then I thought "well, it's already on the floor, may as well let her figure out whatever she's trying to figure out."
She chose to finish her play by mopping up her little mess. So helpful is she!

"Mom. I made up a new tune, do you want to hear it?"
"Of course!"
He proceeds to blow and toot away.
"What do you call your tune? Does it have a name?"
"I call it Sound Mixer."
"Aaah, I see. It's a great tune!"
I'm thinkin' it might be time to upgrade our horn section. We have some great drums, cowbells, triangles, etc, but this is the only horn we have. It could be much better.

We had the making of a movie today, it's called "Dinosaur".
Maddie was getting in his way a bit, so I asked what he thought we could do to make it work for everyone.
"How about she plays down there, in the Jurassic, while I set up the Cretaceous over here?"
So we swapped places, and Maddie was perfectly happy to play at the other end of the table.
Yet another demonstration of great problem-solving skills.

Maddie went peepee on the potty today for the first time. She's been sitting on it from time to time, but actually went potty today. Hooray for Maddie!

She climbed about 4 feet up today on a bookshelf (thank goodness they're terribly heavy and stable, and she doesn't weigh much) to fetch Eric's ipod today. I have no idea how she knew it was up there, unless she saw him put it up there yesterday. Anyway, she climbed up to get it, and then was most annoyed when it stopped working because the battery was dead. (which explains why it was here, and not with dh). I put a little boombox in the kitchen, and she was most happy to hear music again.

No, I didn't let her drink the bottle of syrup, if you're wondering. But she does go for a shot from time to time.

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