Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Daddy

Today we had a busy day! We had a party to plan.

We cleaned house and ourselves, then ran around town for a bit collecting things for our party.

When we got home the children made a card for Daddy, as the grocer didn't have one that was satisfactory. I'm so glad we did... Trev drew his first picture.
Before today, it's always been 'designs', today was actually a drawing. He just decided on his own (it was a complete surprise to me) that he should draw a picture of Daddy and himself. After the first drawing (which I'll be keeping forever, thank you) and being dissatisfied with the next one because he ran out of room and had to put the mouth over the eyes instead of under it, while beginning the third attempt, he said "Oh!, I'm just having a hard time because I can't remember exactly what Daddy looks like."
So I got a picture, and he was able to copy it from that.
He proclaimed, when he finished his picture of his daddy and himself, "There! I'd say that's Perfect!"

While I was smearing chocolate icing on the cake, Maddie climbed up to her chair and "Mmmm, choc-yut!"
"Yup, chocolate frosting."
"Uhn try it!!!"

And try it she did.

Trev thought the cake needed a bit of decorating, so he took it upon himself to add a few things from the sandbox. "Just let me wash these off!" He offered. Smart boy. Got right around that one before his Mama could bat an eye.

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