Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Day

We usually have one day a week where we just hang out and do whatever.Eric goes fishing or snow skiing one day, and the other is for all of us to be together. This weekend we had two days! Today was really just a "nothin'" day.
We just piddled,
and thought about,
and did,

Nothing In Particular.
Worked in the garden. Sang songs. Ate popsicles. Wandered to and fro.
I can't think of anything, really, that we did today!Now I'm here, and Eric is sitting out by the fire.
A quiet Monday that tastes more like a Sunday.Life is calm, and good.


  1. I loved the first picture on this entry of the laundry blowing in the breeze, and also the one of Maddie, how very precious! I love Sunday's with the family also:)


  2. Thanks, Julie, I liked it too.
    I think Eric thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures of our laundry.


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