Thursday, May 03, 2007


As I said on Happy-and Free, I put handy-dandy counters into my blogs Tuesday evening.
I was curious if anyone is ever interested enough to read about us.
Turns out, there are one or two!
Welcome. I hope you like it here.


  1. Steph,
    I love you. You inspire me. I read your blogs on a regular basis, though have never left comments I don't know why. I am not a blogger (but I want to start)so didn't pay much attention to the option of leaving comments.....until now.
    I come to your blogs to breathe. To be refreshed, to take a step back. It seems as though I get so caught up in the maintanance and drama of raising my kids and keeping my house in order (I feel chaotic inside if it is messy, but am trying to get over this) that I sometimes forget about the magic that you are so good at remembering. Thank you so much!!!
    I love your eloquence and ability to write so many of your (my) thoughts. It is often therapuetic for me. You are special and I am so glad I can know you through your blog.
    I love you much....keep up the inspiring (atleast to your sister) bloggs.
    Love, Kim

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  3. Steph, wow that was wonderful..The babies are beautiful just like mom and dad...tell eric and everyone hello. That was great reading. I will check out some older stuff lots of love debs


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