Friday, May 04, 2007

Babybook Pages

I'm going to start a new category, and call it Babybook Pages. I don't think anyone will be interested except for Eric and I, and maybe later the children, but there are some things of a quiet sort I'd like to remember - things that matter to us in every day life, but that will all-too-soon be forgotten.

This is a pretty typical picture for Maddie-cakes. she puts on shirts (mine), pants, hats, scarves, gloves, whatever she can find, and as often as she comes across them.
Oh! and shoes! How could I ever forget the shoes?!
I'm actually a bit afraid....
Another favorite pasttime- has been since she could crawl, is to get into my purse, and pick out the cash. After she's done that, she'll get the credit cards and scatter them.
She doesn't usually dig through the rest of my purse (though there's always a wide variety of highly mysterious things in there), just my wallet.
What do you s'pose I should make of that?
One other trait that I find highly suspect is that she's the only baby I know of that will sit still, indeed, even reverently- while she gets her nails -fingers and toes- trimmed. Actually, whenever she thinks of it she'll lean over into the basket on her dresser while we're changing her britches and seek out her little trimmers, and then hand them to me. I can usually find one or two that we can primp.

Maddie wanted to paint this morning (she let me know), so we got them out, and invited Trev to join us. Painting is about the only crafty thing he'll even consider.
I'm including their artwork becasue I often mean to save them, then they get knocked down and ruined, or torn before I can frame them. So at least I'll have them here!

I don't know what her fascination is with dh's ipod, but she is consumed with thoughts of it, I think. She goes to great lengths to fetch it from wherever Daddy has placed it. I finally got out my walkman (tape, don't you know) and she appeared to be content with it.

Just getting back from putting Cakes down for a nap. This is the way it goes every day.
"Uhn, Sleep" she says.
"Oh, you're ready for a nap? Okay honey, let's go."
And we head to Mommy's - er ...the family's... bed.
"Uhn Sonn."
"Which song would you like?" Just as if I can't guess.
"Uhn Ba-by."
Which means, of course, Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long, I've mentioned it before.
I sing it twice, usually, before she's asleep. And out she goes.

And there you have our morning through lunchtime.

After publishing this post, I was viewing it and noticed that I shot (and posted) both of their pictures upside-down! Doh!

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