Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nothing and Everything

Maddie has just recently (this week) started addressing Trevelyn in an obvious way. Some times it sound like Treeeeelllll-lyyyyyy! and sometimes it sounds like Trolley.
I am captivated and enchanted by it either way. I've taken to calling him Trelly.
Trev is begrudgingly getting used to his new name.
Last night she was miffed when the ducks that were playing in the next-door-neighbor's front yard had relocated for the night. "Uhn! Birds!" and "Uhn! Ducks!" she kept insisting to Daddy, dragging him outside the front door well after dark. It was pitch black before we finally convinced her that all Bird Friends had retired for the night, but that they'd be back in the morning.
(And honestly, upon wakening, it was the first thing she wanted to do this morning.)
Today I heard for the first time "Annble!" and not only Annabelle's name, but as she had been playing in the sprinkler "Annble. Eyes. Wawer!" Yes, indeed, Annabelle is wet with water, especially her face.
She saw a blog I was visiting with a picture of feet. "Foot!" Maddie says and points. "Yup, baby, that's a foot!"
"Uhn! Soup!" Okay, Maddie, let's get you some soup.
On and on it goes.

Tonight she found her bottle of empty bubbles, opened it up, and was blowing on the wand For All She Was Worth. You know when you give something so much energy your body is depleted of oxygen, and you need to either hold on to something, or you start to shake? That sort of energy.

I was considering skipping over these small moments, as it's of no importance to anyone but me. But when I look at those long-ago (or not so long ago) pictures of my babes, dirty faces and all, I think, "Oh, how beautiful", and I think it would be nice to know some of the things they were thinking and saying, if I may.
So now I can remember.
This particular smudged cherub was thinking of bubbles, Trelly, and ducks.

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  1. How sweet!! This post really made me smile, and oohh! & ahhh! Maybe it's because Kyan is in a similar stage and it's just so darn cute. You won't regret posting this, as these are the moments we seem to soon forget unfortunately.



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