Sunday, April 08, 2007

Living a Magical Life

Started out with us playing Homeward Bound, and Trev (Chance) wanted to help me (Sassy) clean. So he cleaned some tables in the livingroom, cleaned the stove and kitchen table, and washed cupboards. My kitchen has never seemed so splendidly sparkly as it does today.

Maddie climbed.

We found the recipe card for Chocolate Chip cookies, and Trev had me read off the ingredients. We checked off everything, and we have all the fixins! Our butter was frozen, so that's still on today's To Do list.

Trev played Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective again for quite a while. Learning world geography.

Trev headed outside to turn over some rocks at our front flowerbed. I stepped outside a short time later to check on him, and see what he was up to.
Me: "Investigating? Learning about the world?"
Trev: "Well, sort of. I'm learning about bugs."
And then a bit later "I'm telling this worm friend that he could build a tunnel to under this bush, and travel to Worm City, and build his own neighborhood."

I told you about Maddie and the ducks that have been in our neighborhood. Today while I was checking on my seedlings, and replanting a few that have not come up, yet, she said "Duck. Duck. Here comes. Again. Duck."
I wasn't really paying attention, though I heard her and responded "Are you waiting for the ducks to come back, baby?"
I look over and she's pointing. "Ducks here come again!"
I looked up, and Lo and Behold, there are two ducks in our backyard. Wow! What a special treat that was!
After I got a couple of pictures (bless them) Off they went! Though they keep circling the neighborhood. Soon we should see them waddling down our street with their little ones... at least we have in years past. Stopping in every puddle along the way. :)

I am a gardener. It's always a tough call for me to cut and bring in my first spring flowers, or to leave them in my yard where they'll have a longer life. I (we!) got my kitchen nice and sparkly today, and thought some lively yellow tulips from the front were just the thing.
Went into my kitchen, and what did I see, but this little thing on my table, rearranging my tulips so the the flowers were down, and the stems were up. Happily crunching on one of them! Hmmph. I thought fairies were supposed to be friends with all green things!

Anyway, as my friend (who shall remain nameless Just This Once) always says... "Aaaah, this is the life!"

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