Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Spring!

This post could also be entitled Happy Ostara, Happy Easter, or Happy Equinox.
Whichever suits yer fancy.
We had our springtime celebration yesterday.
What began this change-of-events, instead of simpy celebrating "Easter" is that Trev mentioned a couple of weeks ago something about not believing the Easter Bunny.
I didn't say much, only my usual when-I-don't-have-an-opinion "Everyone has to decide for themselves" comment - I often as a child found the whole Easter Bunny thing a bit hard to take.... was it a little tiny brown bunny carrying around all of those toys (how?!?), or was it a Giant one, sort of cartoony, unnatural, and pretty scary?
Anyway. I informed him at that time that it didn't really matter, as Mommy and Daddy gave presents, also, to celebrate spring. Pagans have looooong celebrated spring with eggs, presents, renewal, pastels, and fun. Not that I claim Paganism as my religion, for I am not religious, but it's the closest thing to compare my beliefs for others that cannot fathom "not religious". ? moving on...
Circumstance #2, Eric will be working on Easter Sunday, and hunting eggs and opening presents without him is just not an option. I told Eric that I'd rather celebrate at Ostara, which is the Vernal Equinox, though I wanted to discuss such a thing with him before I started changing our Holidays!
So, for the benefit of all (and the Utter Delight of Trevelyn) we had our present ceremony last night.
Ordinarily the children would receive spring clothes, kites, and any other things that celebrated the new lively season.
Kites we have, still un-flown, and homemade ones in the plans for this week's Art & Craft Circle, but the players did receive shorts, a fun, giant sprinkler-beach-ball-water-toy, bubbles and accessories, sand box tools (shiny and new), dinosaurs, Ben 10 toys, coloring books with stickers, chocolates for Maddie and jelly beans for Trevy, and fly-tying and fishing accessories for Eric. Everyone is happy! Mama Bear is delighted with her spring toys of seeds and her Juliana!

There's been a bit of hullaballoo floating around in these parts (my community) about rebellion, misfits, and wildness in children. (my own words) To this, I show this picture shot today, which speaks for itself... "Protect the Wild". Indeed. :)

Eric took the babes over to the nearest church parkinglot to test out Trev's new skateboard. Maddie trucked along with her little scoot-scoot. They all came home hungry, spent and grumpy, Eric rolled his eyes and went into the house, Trev climbed into the truck (Maddie too) and ds proceeded to tell me how he needed to talk about how sorry Daddy was for the whole thing. I wasn't sure what was going on, but came inside to tell Eric that Trev needed to work out a few things with him.
They did, and all is well, again. (It helps that we've all now eaten.)

On that note, I've got a few bits of business elsewhere, so I'll sign off.


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