Monday, April 23, 2007

The Girl of 10,000 Words

No, not me.
The child is at this moment in the kitchen looking at herself in a mirror making water du-op sounds.
A minute ago she was demanding of her daddy 'sup-prr!"
Today on the way home she was practicing "jack-ket". She already has coat down.
She loves bear. chicken, Pup-pee. Ann-bell. Troll-leeeey! (Trev)
"Daddy's home!"
"Hey, No Fair!"is a current favorite (gets that from her brother, who says it if we're out of candy, or if Maddie gets the last popsicle.)
"Uhn, marr!" she is demanding now, asking for more supp-prr, of course.
Beer. Tea. Oke is milk, she hasn't mastered that one, though we know what oke means, so I s'pose that she has after all.
I've already said taco is popsicle.
car. truck. gas. go. go bye-bye. ah-side for outside.
"hello mommy."
"lovs you!"
(Most contented sigh.) Hello, baby. I love you, too.

The child says everything. If you say an interesting word in her presence that she doesn't know, she'll pounce upon it and repeat it over and over.

For about three months now I can say (quickly, as if speaking to an adult) "I'll be right back, babe, I gotta go get some water before we get tucked in." Does she shout at me when I leave the room? Nope, she is well aware that I'm getting our ritual glass of water so that we can retire in comfort.

It's such a beautiful and exciting thing to have the priveledge of being a mother.

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