Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two Funnies

I stepped outside a few minutes ago to check on my babes, as I knew they were in the front (fully fenced) yard. Maddie was in the very corner by the tree with Annabelle (our St. Bernard), turns out Trev was in the tree - he learned a couple of days ago to shimmy up the fence and then how to climb from there into the tree.
Me: "Oh, you're up the tree. I didn't know you were up there!" Glad I had come outside, as he hasn't mastered Down, yet.
"Yeah. I was trying to convince Annabelle to know that she could catch me!"


Trev points to some unsightly stumps in my front flower bed. "What's that?"
"Oh, some stumps from some bushes that someone cut down before we moved in." (we bought this house when he was about a year and-a-half old.)
"You mean.... This house belonged to someone else?" Points a finger -aghast- at our truck. " Did they have the truck?!?"
"No!" I said, very amused. It was as if he was having a wierd Twilight Zone moment where his life belonged to someone else.

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