Saturday, April 07, 2007

Friday at the Park

Friday we had an easter egg hunt at the park with our friends. My Mama Friends. Trev's homeschool friends. (aka the RU Mama's. Maybe I'll just start calling them The Mama's.)
Teri brought a huge parachute for a couple of games, and Trev played for a whole few seconds! :)
Then it was OFF! to the playground.
Then while myself and two others were hiding eggs, here he comes, sturdy, empty basket in tow, ready to search and pillage.
Had to send him back to the playground for a while yet.

We had a bit of difficulty (trauma) when he had been looking for a particular egg that I spotted for at least two minutes, then a little friend came along and snatched it right up (heard us discussing it and arrived from a more friendly angle). That was terribly upsetting for a little boy who had spent an eternity searching out this particular egg.
Hopefully the next time we see Xavi will be on more friendly terms, and all will have been forgiven. I think Trev has forgiven his Mama for her role in the Unpleasant Misadventure.

Next Sunday we have another Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa''s. They have the grandest yard imaginable for a hunt! Hills and a little stream, flowers, trees, shrubs, it goes on and on for days!
Always a Grand Adventure. Should be great fun!

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