Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

We headed over to Liberty Park today for EarthJam, in celebration of Earth Day, of course. All in all it has been a pretty trying day, but we still had a good time at the park. (Daddy is going around grumbling about the many things that are aggravating him today. Trev took off at the park, within 10 seconds he was over 100 yards away. After not seeing him anywhere, I had to assume that he was snatched, when it had been minutes of not finding him! I was reasonable for a while, but after a search of the playground - quite a distance away, and after it only being 10 seconds between "he is next to me" and "he isn't anywhere!"

First thing when we got there, there was a ramp set up, and these kids were doing jumps off the ramp, catching HUGE air, and then one of them started doing backflips! That was cool to see!

It's cold, cloudy, and rainy today, but we were dressed well, so it was tolerable.

We got to try out the giant hulahoops, that was fun. I dared to try it, though it's been along time, and I found that I'm still quite capable! The big ones are quite a bit heavier than the regular ones! One of the things I most enjoy about my city is going to the free outdoor concerts, drinking beer on a sunny afternoon with the world at large, and watching the deadheads play with the huge wands and hulahoops, dancing and flowing around. I don't know why it pleases me so much, but it does.

After making the full rounds, including playing at the playground, and enjoying the music for a few minutes,we headed to the truck for lunch, and that's when "the incident" happened.
It was most unnerving, but I was willing to stay and play for a while longer. But changing Maddie's wet jeans took priority over our fun, so we headed home. It was just too cold today to gad about in even mildly damp britches!

Trev and Maddie loved checking out the poi in the tiny pond, and the lone duck. Also they chased the seagulls, and we visited ducks and geese at the large pond.
Next week I plan to purchase a membership to Tracy Aviary, it will thrill Madeleine to visit the birds, I am sure, and with the membership we'll get free entrance into Dinosaur Park. Also into the zoo once a month for free. And half price at the aquarium! What a deal!

Pictures of Earth Day celebration wouldn't be complete without a shot of this sort.....

I'm putting in these pictures because these moments made me smile to witness them.

This one is a picture inside our fridge.

Here is Trev, who exclaimed while playing with Daddy's ipod "Oh! I love this song!" The boy doesn't like my "peaceful music", as he calls it (be it classical, folk, blues, or whatever else), he only likes "rockstar!" music. Course, Maddie had to get in on some of that action, too.

We were planning on going frog hunting tomorrow, but the weather is supposed to be even more cold and rainy tomorrow, so I'm not sure that we can brave it. We may have to wait for another week. We'll see.

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