Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Breakfast Story

First thing this morning I found Prehistoric Park, which has been missing for a few months. Woohoo!
At nine o'clock Trev was stirring in our bed so I told him. He was thrilled, of course.
We let Maddie sleep some more, but he wanted to get up to see his video.

"How about pancakes and bacon for breakfast?" Trev loves bacon.
So I fix breakfast, and take out some strawberries and raspberries from the freezer. I set Maddie up in her little booster, gave her her breakfast, took Trev's in to him (as he's watching Prehistoric Park) and made my pancakes, then went to join Trev.
About two minutes later I hear a little clang, and look over by the livingroom doorway, and on the quarry (we have this permanent brick planter thing in our living room, as Trev used to play trains there, we call it 'the quarry') is Maddie's plate. Evidently she had decided that there was no reason that she should be stuck eating her breakfast by herself in the kitchen. I wondered where she had gone to, as only her little plate was visible, but date-date-day here she comes with a couple of berries in her fingers, evidently she had dropped a couple in the process of climbing down from the table with her fare, and had gone back to retrieve them.
She puts the berries on her plate, and then picks up her plate and brings it over to the coffee table.
As she sets it down, she looks at me, giving me a very large "I'm-so-pleased-with-myself" smile.
I smiled back. "Joining us for breakfast, baby?" I asked.

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