Friday, April 20, 2007

April 20 aka A Very Adventurous Day

It's cold in these parts the last couple of days, so our play is mostly indoors.

First thing this morning Trev dumped out his piggy bank to see if he has enough money to replace his Star Wars game that Papa got for him for Christmas. The wire got broken, so it's done for. So we played around with the coins - identified, sorted, and counted, discussed value and how many coins makes up a dollar.
When I got too enthusiastic, Trev was done and ready to play Kitchen Garfield.
This game consists of Trev being John, myself playing Garfield, and Maddie being Otie. It always involves the kitchen, and adventures like going to the market, thwarting cat/dognapping plots, and playing house.
As I had things to do in the larger kitchen, we drug the little one up from downstairs, along with the appropriate paraphernalia and put it in the big kitchen.

A few highlights of the morning's play:

Trev gets on the phone, and says "It's getting pretty hard around here. Garfield and Otie are fighting with eachother. Our day is getting pretty unsettling."
I did a pretty good job of containing my smile. "Who'd you call?"
"An old friend of mine."

Later John went to the market. Ordinarily I go with him, but the other me was scrubbing kitchen counters. Me/Garfield: "Did you go the the neighborhood market? The new one?"
Trev/John: "Yeah. It's the only one in the culdesac."

Then later still:
"I know you're curious about this, Garfield, but I need to make another phone call."
He pushes a whole lotta numbers, naming them as he goes.
Now he's waiting for someone to pick up the phone.
"That was a lot of numbers. Sounds like long distance. Does your friend live very far away?"
"Yeah, he lives in Caraland. Caralano."
"Oh, is that like Carolina?"
He said that it was.

Shortly thereafter it's Prehistoric Park and the dinosaur encyclopedia, and Trev read 'microraptor' and 'diplodocus'. We also read about a new one that we didn't know, the Neovenator.

Back to Prehistoric Park, and then I went into the other room to find a prehistoric animal living in a cave in my very own livingroom! It was a saber-tooth cat!

Next was some of this ruckus. Yes, she on the dog.

And then this particular activity went on for well over an hour.

Maddie dressed herself for the very first time today. Never mind that it's the second pair of britches.

And now Maddie comes toddling into this room, saying "I'm cold", and I look up, and this is what I see. It's yougurt, if you're curious. Soy, thank goodness, as she's allergic to dairy!
It was on the couch, of course, but I had already planned to was the cushion covers today!

Welp, that takes us half-way through the day!
I wonder what's to come?

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  1. I am so glad that I get to peer in to your world- I miss you guys. Lots of great fun going on over here too.


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