Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 16th and 17th

There is so much Everything and Nothing lately that I don't even know where to begin.
Just now "Texas used to be a place of killing and fighting." Trev said.
"Ahem. Yes. That's true. Texas was apart of Mexico, and then there was the whole Alamo thing." My head starts tumbling back into American History, and wondering where on earth this five year old boy is going, trying to furiously dust away the cobwebs and ready itself for any and all possibilities....
After he expresses his relative thoughts on Texas, we trot to the den to point out on the globe Oklahoma, where Papa lives, and then south to Texas, where Uncle Dean and Granny live.
He was actually referring to Nigel traveling back through the time portal to Texas to see the dynosuchus, which eventually evolved into prehistoric Australian crocodiles.
Oh. Well. Wasn't there for that one. Not quite sure...
American Indians, Spaniards, crocs, north american prehistoric life, yada, yada, yada.
It makes a girl's head spin.

Backing up now...

I started a post yesterday morning, but it didn't seem properly spectacular, so I sort of lost enthusiasm.
Here's how it began, none the less.

You know how we're a house of dinosaurs (well, if you've ever met us in real life or here then you do). We have several dinosuar series sets, movies, documentaries, etc. Trev is a big fan of the Jurassic Park films, and we all love Prehistoric Park, a six-part series from Animal Planet.
The other day Animal Planet ran Dinosaur Planet (discovery channel). I was watching it, and thinking it was pretty good, but the animal movements were a bit rough, and not quite as flowing as some of the shows and movies we have.
It wasn't like Godzilla, by any means, but it's about 10 years old, I think.
Anyway, evidently while viewing it yesterday with Eric, Trev comments that "This doesn't look very realistic."
I was pretty floored when Eric related the story to me, I had noticed, but barely, but as astute as my son is, I was still surprised by his observing the same. Huh.

Here's Maddie climbing out the window this morning. The screen was in it when she began!

Playing on the computer.

Digging in the yard.
"What do roly-poly's eat, Mom?"
Rewind, as I thought we had this one covered previously. Personal deduction process: they mostly live under rocks, must be like earthworms right? Worms eat rotting compost. "Rotting compost?." I say with nominal confidence.
I dash downstairs and look it up in our Wild Life Fact Files, which, by the way, cost me several hundred dollars after all is said and done, but well worth it, let me tell you....
Sow bugs. Roly-Poly's. To be found in the "Primitive Animal" section. Not insects. No indeed, have too many legs for that, insects only have six.... similar to crustaceans, but have adapted to dry land.... never in water.... Diet: decaying and plant and animal matter. (phew.) "Yes, Son! Decomposing matter." I can now say with conviction.
(big sigh of relief) Got through that one.

Been meaning to mention that Maddie brings me something when she's hungry.
Or says it, if she can't reach it.
"Uhn, bread!"
"Oh." (blink) "Cinnamon walnut bread, or plain wheat?" as I hold out both so she can choose.
(She always does.)
She'll bring me peanut butter. Or Strawberry Jam, as she did in this picture. Or yougurt, or tell me "tac0", which is code-name for popsicle, or whatever else.
I thankfully understand her language.

Nothing. Everything. You decide.

On to today!

Cakes can often be found watching for birds, puppies, kitties, ducks, all of the things that hold the Keys To Happiness for an almost-two-year-old-little-girl.
There are many, many things that fit this category, friend.
Some I should adapt to my own Meaning Of Life, no doubt.
All are equally enchanting and important.

Trev spent many hours today catching up on Prehistoric Park. I mentioned earlier today that I found it this morning after a few months' absence.
It was understood early on that that was how his day was going to be spent.
And it was. -With a reminder from his Mama that "Just so you know, today is the last 'nice day' for a few days -it's gonna be warm and sunny, the next few will be stormy and cold, so you might want to play outside for a bit today, just because you can."

So after being inspired by Nigel and the Team, it was out to the sand box for some re-enacting.

We've (Maddie and I) been working outside for the last two days. In the gardens.

Here she is fixing her lawn mower.

Just now Trev wanted his Daddy to come and see his re-enactment, and to witness one creature that didn't belong, but was a "suppose' sort of creature, as he wanted the lizard to be in the scene, make-believing it was a giant sea creature from a bygone era. His arguments for it being there are quite sound, I promise you!

And now I'm wrapping it up.

We'll see what comes of tomorrow or the next day.....


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