Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28 II

Some of this....

She loves the "let's beat Mommy to the _____" game. My exact spot in the bed at night, or the chair at the computer, or my couch spot if we're having a story, whatever.

Our neighborhood grocery store has these paintable dinosaurs for a dollar something, we pick them up once in a while. Trevelyn loves them. One of the few crafty things he really enjoys - though he pretty much likes painting of all kinds. Maddie's been getting in on some of that action, too.

After painting we had a few minutes of reading Rat Naps.

Then, when Daddy came home, definitely wild play was in order. Trev wanted some pictures of him high in the air. We caught some really funny snapshots.

Now they're wrestling here in the den, and Trev screams "Time for my secret weapon!" He accidently hurt Daddy with his fist, and wanted a "redo", so I suggested in a whisper either a kiss or a lick. "Let's try something more evil!", he insists. How about my Pachy (pachycephalosaurus) Skull Attack?!?" He wants to know.
I had to laugh. The boy knows what he's about, that's for certain. (pachycephalosauruses are the dinos that butt heads, and that have really tough bones on the outside of their skulls.)

We're homebound tomorrow, also, but I'll try to remember to keep notes.

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