Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nothing and Mystery Slime

Welp, it's 6:20p PM!, and the baby is just now down for a nap, (insert Lurch-style groan here) you know what that means..... a long night for whom(daddy or I)ever doesn't throw in the towel first! Maybe I should grab a glass of iced tea instead of my current beverage-of-choice... just in case I Lose....

Per the Jello Jigglers the other day -first - know that my Trevy has never been a fan of Jell0. We purchased more at the store after the jigglers, and late last night (after I had thrown in said towel and gone to bed) Trev said "Mom! I made jello All By Myself!" with a tremoundous amount of pride and circumstance. "Aaah. Well, (ever practical and experienced am I) it might not Turn Out, as it needs boiling water. How did you make it?"
"I put it in the bowl with cold water!" Still proud is he.
I'm thinking... how can I salvage this jello and pride? Boil it now, and see if it turns out?
But then life interfered, and I didn't, and at a very Late Hour decided to put it in the fridge, and let come what may.

This evening... upon remembering The Jello.... what a suprise! It's totally congealed at the bottom, and water at the top.
"Look at this, Trev. Turns out, your jello did something!!"
It's a layer of... firm, sticky, almost hard.. slime at the bottom. And green water at the top.
Please understand, I'd give you pictures, but though usually I'm pretty open, I'm not so humble that I'd give you pictures of the current state of my kitchen! So you'll have to use your imagination.
Then I (agape) say.... "Well, that's the benefit of a Scientific Experiment. You do it to see what, exactly, will happen!"
Eric (dh) has just come home as I write this, and Trev is shouting about his jello, and eric is playing with it and "Oh, wow. That's interesting. It's all shiny."
"I know," said I. "it's bumpy on the top, and smooth on the bottom, too! And sparkly!"

As liberal as I Think I Am, I had never considered that jello could be made in an alternative way.
"Knowledge" wrapped in a box of 69 cents. Imagine that.

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