Wednesday, March 28, 2007

March 28

I tell ya, when I don't write every couple of days, it just becomes a big "nothin'", you know?
If I keep track of the day's happenings, then there is something to write about, but if not.... it just sort of gets put into the "living life" category, un-noted becomes un-noteworthy.
Let's see...
Prior to today, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We've been spending our days outside running and leaping and exploring. Planting, hunting roly-poly's, feeding worms and moving them from this garden to that one (Trevelyn believes that smaller worms need to be with a bigger one, one that might be its parent), swinging, climbing, and making joyful noise.

Maddie has been practicing over and over again her 'r' words. Fire. Work. Flower. Beer. lol. A few others. Her favorite sound right now, to be sure. Trev mastered his "r's just this year.
Trev was watching a bit too much television for my personal comfort, then *ding* the lightbulb comes on and I realize that his room is knee deep with toys. Can't find anything. So his mama cleaned up his room for him. Ordinarily I would have asked him, but he was asleep, and frankly, it was way past time for a clean-up, so I just Had At It. I don't think he watched the telly yesterday at all, except for Walking with Dinosaurs, which he watched as he re-inacted on the coffee table with his own herds.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but I'll keep track of the rest of the day, with pics, and let you know what we were up to the last half of the day.

'til then.

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