Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 19

Let's see.

Saturday I worked, and Grammy came over to stay with Trev and Maddie when Daddy went to work. Since Maddie had found her crown, and there were wrappers from chocolate coins around as evidence, I am assuming these were the treasures left the children by the leprechauns.
That night we went to dinner at Daddy's Work (with Maddie's crown). I'd been stuck inside all day at work, so I insisted that we sit outside on the patio- it was a beautiful warm day. We had to wait for a bit, but it was worth it. (I'm so thankful here in the west the weather has been so warm and lovely!) Sat outside and had salads with yummy sourdough, along with a perfect house-made pilsner. It was divine!

Sunday we had our huge project to do, so we started on that. I can't say that it's all done, as I still have scraps to pick up and haul to the designated spot, but it's mostly done. I (maybe even we!) should be able to finish it up today.

So we worked on this huge project pretty much all day on Sunday. There was a beautiful evening sky, and I was loving this warm spring weather, so we had another fire celebration that night.

I wanted to sleep outside, so with the airmattress pumped up, and sleepingbags plus an additional down quilt, I was set. Turned out the children slept outside with me. (note to self: airbag has a hole or two in it, remember to patch it up before attempting to sleep on it so you don't have to pump it up again in the middle of the night.)

Yesterday -Monday- I worked in the front yard all day. Got it all done, I think. Ready for spring. Swept our (what seemed) monstrously huge driveways (two of them) and transplanted somethings out of the front gardens in the backyard, and viceversa.

Today is being reserved for whatever may come up. Not making any assignments in my head for today!

On another note, Trev's been going around spelling things - work, w.r.c! and things like that. It's supercute. Maddie has been saying Fire. Practicing it over and over again.fah-yrrr. far. fi-yer. trying to choose the best way, I suppose.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy, so maybe we'll go to the dollar movie to see Eragon. We'll see!

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