Thursday, March 15, 2007

March 15

today started out less than exemplary, but finished up well enough.
Here's a few pics of the days events....

She insisted swinging while this hat covered her eyes... wanted a little more excitement, I suppose!

saw this cool beetle today... virtually no way to figure out what the heck it is, as there are as many beetles roaming the earth as I think all other species combined, or at least insect species combined! something like that... anyway, was a cool flat black with iredescent black and purple legs... most interesting!

I keep roaming my yard searching for beautiful little purple violets - none so far. I'll surely keep my eyes open for them! the hyacinths are just starting to come up.....

The lilacs are just starting to bud also. Lilacs are my very favorite flower. I was lucky enough to buy a house that had a northwest border of lilac bushes. I've since planted probably six more. Lilacs for me... quail for Eric. We're in paradise.

We ran out of paper and twigs to burn the other night, but we have (sadly) this cherry tree in our yard that has died that we will be cutting down this spring (and replacing with another cherry tree). I broke off what branches and twigs I could with the rake, then when Eric got home he climbed up to saw off a few branches. We'll be taking the polesaw to it probably this weekend.

Trev has taken to "Fire Celebrations", as he calls them.

The rest of us enjoy them, too! Something cleansing about it in the early spring....

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