Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 13

After it got warm enough to play outside this morning we did so.

At about lunchtime I asked Trev if he'd like to have a picnic on the grass or eat lunch on the patio today, and he said yeah, he would like to have a picnic.
So we did.
Complete with lemonade, Trev and Maddie's favorite. Tuna sandwiches, which he discovered about a week ago, and has decided he loves. Maddie likes them too, so it's all good.
We read The Perfect Picnic, also. I was reminded of it because I told Trev to guard our lunch from Max and the ants (Annabelle was sent to the front yard), and then after coming back Trev said "I hope the ants come and march away with Maddie's gross stuff." Meaning deviled eggs.
So I thought we'd read the book.

Maddie went down for a nap, and while she slept Trev helped me plant some echinacea.

Now we'll (well, probably just me) just spend the afternoon outside cleaning up tiny bits of chewed up dinosaurs and toys, courtesy of Annabelle the Fierce. And cleaning the patios.
Just can't make myself work inside today!

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