Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 12

Yesterday we had the fieldtrip to the bakery, the House of Bread.
The lady who led us was very nice, and great with the children. Her name was Lyn.

Trev had said prior to the trip that he didn't want to make bread, just wanted to go on the tour. So we had planned to do the tour, then head across the street to an indoor plant store to soak up the humidity, and look at plants.

Turned out that we started making bread right off, so he ended up doing it, afterall.
He enjoyed himself, I think!

Here's the bread slicer, after seeing it done, Trev wanted a repeat. Lyn was kind enough to oblige him.

I forgot to take a picture of Trev's bread -a few minutes ago Maddie had drug it out, and I'm sure Annabelle has eaten it by now!

Here he is enjoying his cinnamon roll.

It was a warm, lovely day yesterday, we spent the afternoon at home and outside. Into the early evening it was also nice, so I decided we should get a fire going outside, and burn some of the branches Eric had thrown into one of my flower beds, and also burn some paper that can't be thrown out. (something satisfying about burning old bills!)
A pretty good day.

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