Sunday, March 11, 2007

and sundee afternoon

Here are some of the Grand Adventures that the day brought. One of the greatest things about unschooling, is that everyday is a day of freedom and growth. Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, it's all good. No expectations of the day. (well, usually.)

Evidence of Madeleine thinking things through. Eric pointed this out to me out early on this afternoon, it was quite amusing, I thought.
After Eric put Maddiecakes in the swing and left for...oh, maybe 10.5 seconds? she began Problem Solving by leaning over to the bar, which enabled her to push and pull herself into a steady swing! Ha!

Trev reacquainted himself with our Worm friends. He said hello. He fed them rotting vegetation. He made sure they were protected from the sun.

Our first Roly-Poly of the season! Gosh, I love it when the bugs come out!

I have a few friends that are bothered and repulsed by bugs and spiders... not me. No doubt they fear for their lives when they come to my house and see the fruit-flies flitting about due to the compost on the counter, and -blush- possible spider web in the corner- but (sigh) Oh, well.
There are things I am bothered by, and would not stand for.... house flies repulse me, cockroaches I'd not abide, I don't like ants in the house, and earwigs I take outside, other than that, ah, well. Live in harmony. (some hairy spiders -during summer or spring- I escort out the back or side door.)

Anyway. Great day outdoors for the whole family. Tonight a Very Tired Family, James and the Giant Peach on tv. Fieldtrip to the bakery tomorrow, cleaning and laundry for me, skiing for daddy.
(satisfied sigh)
All is as it should be.


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