Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Quotes

Happy Valentines!

Today we had a party with our ru friends at Teri's house. I couldn't take any pictures as the battery in the camera was dead, and I forgot to bring the extra one!
We had heart-shaped personal pizzas, and mostly the children just played. Teri's daughter Mara had planned all sorts of games and events for the chidlren, they participated a bit, but Teri's home has many interesting things to see and climb, so much of the time was spent just exploring.
The mama's chatted, of course.
Two somewhat funny things... right after we got there Mara (or was it Lexi? I didn't see who) gave Trev a valentine with a chocolate candy, and he came to me and said "Mama, Mara gave me a paper valentine with this, and I gave it to Ari! Will you open this candy?" He didn't give up the candy, of course, only the card! :)
And then Teri had several balloons in the house for Valentines, and later he brought one over to me and said "Happy Valentines Day, Mama", and gave me the balloon. "Oh, how sweet, Trev, Happy Valentines Day to you, too!"

Last night when we were in bed -Trev, Maddie, and I- he said "I like it when you call me Son. It makes me feel like we're together." Aaaah.

Maddie the last few days is most interested in magic markers and paints. She eats them, draws with them, squishes them, etc. Our friend Aubrey mentioned that her dh came home from work and said one evening "He's a different color every day!" :) True here, too!

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