Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jus' Kickin' It

Today was pretty lazy, by all accounts.
I sparklified my kitchen.
Oh! (a big one) I fixed our computer, also. The sound hasn't been working for a couple of weeks, which isn't a big deal to me, but Trev can't play games and so forth without sound. For some reason -only God and maybe children know why- the mute button was checked somewhere in the system controls. I looked before, but I didn't notice it. No doubt comes from pounding on the keyboard, either with frustration (Trev), or with excitement (Maddie).
Anyway, glad to have that fixed!

(sighing from seeing this picture of Maddie) I really need to finish up the kitchen - paint and chair rail are what's eventually coming up.
Did I ever mention that Melissia is good for me? :) When I went to her house for the first time she had painting-in-progress going on, she said it had been like that for a while. If you'll remember, she's also the one that off-handedly informed me that it's possible to read only the parts of a book that you find informative, or that you like. I had no idea that one could do such things! Anyway, I now blame her for my unfinished kitchen paint job! February is actually the time for paint, as in the spring..... who the heck wants to be indoors? S'pose I should get back on that......

Here's my resting/ wake up spot.
If I'm here, (online) this is my spot. This coffee mug can be added to my Things I Love list, it's large, and in the morning when the babes are still sleepin', you'll find me with it in this particular spot. It will probably be filled with 1/2 Stephen's Milk Chocolate Cocoa, and 1/2 Vanilla Mocha instant coffee. Mmmmmmm.
At least 'til I get warmed up, then iced green tea is in order!

Skating tomorrow with the homeschoolers, we're expecting some of our regular (ru - and people we see quite often) friends to be there, too, so it'll be superfun. I don't think I've ever posted pictures from skating, so I'll take along the camera tomorrow.
Maddie has her new ride-on to take also, she'll be thrilled with that!

Madeleine did help me clean the living room today, so I can't say she was lazy.
This chaotic- looking cupboard on the left is the "learning cabinet", which is where I strew the 'featured items', if you will. Trev doesn't tear into it too often, but Maddie does (and hourly)! If I have something on-hand that's easily accessible - a game, dominoes, cuisenaire rods, pipe cleaners, puzzles, experiment books, etc, I remember to say "Hey, wanna check this out with me?" or just do so, and often times someone will join in.
The tall stack on the right is some of our latest haul from the library.

Hope this finds you well. Goodnight.

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