Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fly legs, Dragons, and Half Frozen Mud Puddles

That pretty much describes our day!
We had Arts and Crafts Circle early this afternoon. We were planning - our friend Travis once laughingly complained "How can you even call them Plans?" true enough- on going to the park to spend some morning energy before we headed to the library for our circle, but as usual, time ran out, and we barely managed to get some lunch before time was up, with the promise that we would go to the park after group today.
Travis had some lovely crafts lined up for us.... the theme was for Chinese New Year, so we had options of paper lanterns, and paper dragons, some cool firework displays on some black construction paper, and now I have forgotten the other craft. Trev actually made a lantern, if you can believe that (he painted it, after that I took over.) and I made a paper dragon. We skipped out before helping to clean up, as Maddie was eating various art supplies, and Trev was longing to run and shout freely, and we had been warned that the room we were letting from the library was close to the office, and people were needing to hear for phonecalls.
After craft circle we headed to Sugarhouse Park with Melissia, Arianna and Mina. They were going to stop and get some lunch, we had eaten, but I was semi-expecting our package from Home Science Tools, so I thought we'd stop off at home on the way to see if our packages had come. They had!, so we loaded them up and scampered off to the park. It was such a beautiful day today! There wasn't a whole lot of blue sky, but it was warm as rain, it was one of those delightful days that whispers promises that spring is very near. Blessed, indeed! When we first arrived at the park, our friends hadn't gotten there yet, and I was itching to open those boxes! so we did, and got out the binoculars, first. Trev had them for a bit, and was most impressed with what they could do!
The playground was much more soggy than I had anticipated, and the children were soaked in no time. We ventured over to the river, and Trev wanted to climb down to the ice to see what was happening down there. It was so lovely! Snow and ice on the banks, and so tranquil, and so wintery-looking, but all the more heavenly because of the warmth of this day (near 50 degrees!) . I marveled at how beautiful that river was. Made me quite happy that I was there to see such a beautiful site on such a fine day.
We met back up with Melissia and Ari after that (they were doing there own adventuring in the park, we left them because Trev had to pee) and Ari wanted to go to the car and play for a bit (she was soaked and no doubt half frozen by this time, also.). Trev first felt it absolutely imperative to splash in a rather deep puddle (several times)in the parking lot. He was already soaked by this time up to his knees from previous splashing, and I figured we were headed home after the park, so...
They must have played in the car for at least half an hour.
They often do that, I'm never sure what they're doing, but (prim sniff) I'm sure it's none of my business! :)
Isn't this a beautiful picture? I love it. It's so full of joy and friendship! lol, Even though she was most perturbed with him a short time later! :)
She (Arianna) was most put out with us that we couldn't continue our adventure, as she wanted to go to the mall to play on some bouncy things, but we had wet feet, and I had left our house in ghastly disarray, so with an invitation and promise that we would come over to play tomorrow, we parted company.
Trev was put out that first we didn't stop for donuts at "Tasty's", and then that we managed to beat Daddy home.
But we brought in our new (woohoo!) microscope, and checked out our blocks of insects that have been petrified into plastic cubes, and then broke out some of the slides that came with our micrcoscope. A fly leg, actually. Most interesting! Oh! That reminds me (er... somehow) that Trev wants to know "what scorpions eat" as that's one of our "cubed" creatures. Must remember to check into that tonight!
Now he's watching Racing Stripes, which is a video that was started this morning before our out-of-the-house adventures, and Maddie is playing in the kitchen... er, the real one, and tearing things apart.
I really do love my life.
Here's wishing the same for you!
(A feeling that all is right with the world) Stephanie

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