Thursday, February 15, 2007

No Problem

Wanted to jot down a couple of things before I forgot- someone saw the picture of Maddie up on the counter, and asked about it, and wanted to know if she broke anything while rearranging. The answer is... Not a one.
Two days ago (we live at the bottom of a pretty steep hill, all the older children come around in the summertime on skates, bikes, skateboards, and sometimes with a shopping cart) we were adventuring up and down our street with the binoculars, searching for birds and other interesting things. Trev was on his scooter, Maddie and I were strolling. Trev got to the top of the hill, and was shouting words of like "Watch out, here I come!" and so forth. I was Very Nervous. It's a really steep hill.
I am proud to say that I bit my tongue, and didn't issue any dire warnings, thought I'd wait and see. The boy certainly knows what he's about! He'd scoot for several feet - trying to control his speed, not accelerate- and then when it got too much, he'd run off to the side, where he could slow down or crash if necessary on the grassy area. Not a problem. I was most impressed with his problem-solving skills.

When we were at Teri's yesterday, she has a loft that resembles a bunkbed (with no bed at the bottom) for the children to climb in her living room, and Maddie hiked right up there, which was no surprise, but when it came down to climbing down the ladder (after a few times of others -including me- denying her and lifting her down), she quite mastered the descent, as well! Most impressed again. Backwards down the ladder. No problem.

I've been not distressed or concerned, but have noticed none-the-less that Trev mostly skips 15 when counting, as I've mentioned. Yesterday we were in the car, and I saw the jar of redhots on the seat next to me (from taking them to Teri's) and asked if he wanted some. (he doesn't like cinnamon) "Are you just teasing me?" he wanted to know. "Yeah, sort of, just thought I'd offer." "How many?" he asked. "I dunno, one? a hundred? Twelve?" He proceeds to say "thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen..." and all the way past fourty. Huh. Imagine that.

More to come later, I'm off to make my kitchen sparkly.

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