Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28

I was off to a rocky (exceedingly grumpy) start this morning, so I asked Eric to take the children away so I could clean up what seemed to me the House of Chaos.
I was supposed to go to my knitting circle with my friends, but at first I said I'd be late, then a few minutes later decided that it would be best if I just stayed home.
So Eric was going to take the children to the children's museum, but after a while I had cooled off, and told him that I didn't care if they went or stayed.
He opted for staying home to get a few things done. Things are not perfect around here now, but at least I feel like things are tidy enough that I should be able to get the whole house cleaned tomorrow!
Trev and Maddie have just played with Daddy and outside today. Trev watched Magic School Bus and Jurassic Park xtra stuff (dvd), and we played around with the cuisenaire rods for a while. First we made Star Wars ships, then Eric was building some sort of building structure, and Trev said "Hey, that looks like some sort of Prehistoric Animal Enclosure!" so with that we switched to dinosaurs. We finished it off with Ice Age, the little white rods make great ice! Trev had stories for everything.
Maddie started saying "eat!" today. She has loads of words, cereal, milk, "Go!" for downstairs, and lots of other things. She is a sassy little button.
Trev also took some more pictures tonight. He does love that. Here's an interesting, rather sinister one of Gigan, a mechanical enemy of Godzilla. (If you want to keep straight who the good guys and bad guys are in Godzilla, the mechanical ones are made by Godzilla's enemies to destroy Godzilla, so you Never root for them!)
I think Eric and Trevy are going to read together for a few minutes, and then maybe we'll watch Star Wars or something else, and maybe have some popcorn.
Not a very exciting day, but wanted to stay on task here! :)

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